Co-Op at Pontcanna Pine/Dairy: FINAL PLANS APPROVED

Following this post the Council gave final full approval to the Co-Op’s Supermarket plans at Pontcanna Pine / The Dairy.

Simon White gave a powerful and professional appraisal of their plans, outlining the impact and issues. As the Co-Op had revised their plans to keep the existing gateway to the left of the building the council had no legal reason to object and HAD to approve it. The Co-Op will be using this gateway to reverse their delivery vans into and out of. Through using the ‘no change of use and building’ approach the Co-Op had not had to supply or account for any delivery or traffic plans. They will be able to gain the maximum profit from the site, basically open whenever they wish, without any responsibility for any negative impact outside their site. 

In the planning meeting the Co-Op were requested and agreed to take actions to repair relations with the local community, as the council noted there were a ‘lot of letters of complaint’ (thank you again for your support.)

To our knowledge they have not followed up on their written commitment to approach Flip White with any future developments after the community meeting, and we are not aware of any steps they have taken. In fact they appear to done the opposite and disregarded not just local people’s views but hard physical evidence – including the recent accident at the junction – that a dense use store with long opening hours may possibly increase traffic, and also cause increased congestion.

If the Co-Op have made steps and they wish to email us them we will be very happy to post an update on the site.

Thank you again for your support.

The Pontcanna Pine/Dairy Team.

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The Coop have put in revised plans for the frontage on Kings Road. We have until until the end of Wednesday 30 October to comment on these, comments sent for the last plans – where appropriate – will still be considered.

You can download and view these by clicking on the file names below:


They now propose to move the customer entrance to the centre accessed by two ramps either side with cycle stands at the front. The glass door is flanked by two panels of glass with signage above and the existing roller shutters are replaced by brick panels. We will post these new plans on the Pontcanna Hub website and of course they are available on the Council’s website:  Search for 13/01798/DCI .

The issue of deliveries, access and parking have still not been addressed so vehicles will have to reverse across the pavement into the side entrance near the junction frequently. We still have real concerns about these issues, the effect on the Conservation Area,  the impact of noise from refrigeration units on Severn Grove and the wider effect on local traders, which though not a valid planning issue, is of great concern to the quality of life how people live and walk around and drive/park in Pontcanna.

As these photos sent to us by a local resident show, it will make an already busy and grid-locked junction worse:


So if you have any concerns we think it is still well worth writing to object by 30 October 2013. The address is:

Development Management, City Development, City Hall, Cardiff, CF10 3ND or e-mail : / internet:

or the Council say it is recommended that you view the application details and make comments on their web site :

See below for text of e-mail received on 21/10/13

From: Edwards, Jane (Regulatory) [] 
Sent: 21 October 2013 11:31
Subject: AMENDED PLANS – 13/1798/DCI – 200 KINGS ROAD

Application No. / Rhif Cais:  13/01798/DCI
Date / Dyddiad: 21/10/2013
Please ask for/Gofynwwch am:   Amanda Sutcliffe
Telephone / Ffon:  (029) 2087 1298

Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) Order 2012 ______________________________________________________________________

Location:      200 KING’S ROAD, RIVERSIDE, CARDIFF, CF11 9DF
Applicant:     The Co-operative Group
Further to my previous letter notifying you of the above application, I have to advise you that amended plans have now been received. It is recommended that you view the application details and make comments on our web site :
You can look at the application and plans at the City Hall Reception (Main Entrance, Room 139) from 8.30 am to 4.45 pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.15 pm on Fridays.  Please quote the application reference number located at the top of the letter to reception staff. You will not necessarily be able to see a Planning Officer without an appointment.  The Rights to Speak at Committee are also available on our web site :

Please write to me within 10 days of the date of this letter if you have any comments that you wish the Council to take into account before a decision is made.

Please note that your letter will be open to public inspection.  Due to time and resource constraints, planning officers are not able to acknowledge receipt of correspondence or to respond in writing to any comments or queries made. You should enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you wish to be informed of the decision.

Yours faithfully, Phil Williams, HEAD OF PLANNING

PLEASE REPLY TO: Development Management, City Development, City Hall, Cardiff, CF10 3ND
(e-mail : (internet:

6/9 Update: to Co-Op apply for Alcohol Licence 7am-11pm, 7 days a week!


Cardiff Council Licencing committee will review the Co-Op’s application at their meeting at 10 am on Friday 13 September. Everyone who wrote should have received a letter from the council inviting them to speak or nominate a speaker. Cardiff Council received over 40 letters in relation to the Co-Op licencing application – many thanks to everyone who wrote.  If you wrote and have not received one please contact the council. We will post the outcomes as soon as we have them.

Co-op Supermarket update

The Co-op definitely plan to open a supermarket store at the Pontcanna Pine / Dairy site. Legally, they only need planning permission for signage, as they are converting the existing building. They also need an alcohol licence.

store frontimagesAt the public meeting the Co-op said that to open a store on this site they NEED to sell alcohol, from 7am to 10pm, for 7 days a week. The Co-op said they could NOT shorten those hours, and have in fact applied for a longer licence, from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

What can you do if you wish to object to this?

‘Interested parties or responsible authorities’ should complete Cardiff Council’s forms, please click to download:
Co-op Representation Form  information sheet  and send it to them. Your objections should be based on the licensing objectives and must be submitted to the council before the end of the consultation period on 26th August 2013.

When making their decision the Council are ONLY able to take into account any issues which may impact on 1 or more of the 4 licensing objectives below:

store images•  Protection of Children from Harm
•  Prevention of Public Nuisance
•  Public Safety
•  Prevention of Crime and Disorder

(More information please view ‘Home Office: Amended Guidance issued under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003’ – from page 11

Post or hand in your form to: Licensing Section, Cardiff Council, Room 161, City Hall, Cardiff CF10 3ND Quoting ref: LSS/CCCP/01731. Or email your form to: quoting ref: LSS/CCCP/01731

Please copy your councillors: our Labour councillors have offered to represent us at the meeting, they are &
& Also your AM, including Mark Drakeford AM

What will happen next?

At the end of the consultation period, if objections have been received then a hearing will be arranged, normally within 2-3 weeks. Any person who has made written representations will be invited to attend the hearing and will be permitted to voice their concerns to the Committee.

lorry imagesIf the Co-op get the alcohol licence and planning for signage there will be nothing stopping them from opening their store 7am – 11pm, 7 days a week. They are planning to do this by the end of 2013.

Thank you. You can email us on:

Co-op decides to ‘Progress’ Supermarket plans.

On Friday Mike Ash-Edwards emailed to say that the Co-op have decided to progress their plans for a supermarket at the PontcannaPine/Dairy site, following a decision by their Regional Board.

– Opening hours everyday including Sundays of  7am – 10pm

– They intend to seek permission for ‘Off-Sales’ of alcohol

– The Co-op will be trying to get a lottery licence

– Deliveries will be 9.30am – 6pm

– They have not yet decided if they will sell newspapers

This is exactly the same plan they presented at the start of the meeting with their team in Chapter.

Thank you to those who wrote letters, signed the petitions and came to the meetings.

Please continue to support your local businesses, you can choose where you shop and who you support. These businesses are a valuable part of our great community and we hope that people will continue to shop with them.

07/07/13 UPDATE: Meeting with Co-op team about their Pontcanna Supermarket

UPDATE 07/07/13: Many thanks to everyone who signed and helped to create our 1210 SIGNATURE petition, a real community effort. The Coop said that this and our Representation to the Co-op letter and Review of revised developer’s traffic report191012 plus Coop member’s letters would be presented to the Cymru/Wales Regional Board meeting on 03/07. They said they would update us with the results from this meeting ‘in due course’ – watch this space…meetingThanks to all who attended the Co-op meeting last Thursday, and also to the Co-op team for giving everyone an opportunity ask questions and share their views and Alan for being a great chair. The Co-op were very clear on their plans, and we’ve outlined those below. CO-OP_LeafletIn response to some aspects of their proposed store we have started a petition survey. We have until Tuesday 2nd to record people’s views – the surveys are in some of the local shops and you can download a blank copy of here: Co-op 2013 PETITION if you wish to get some signatures. We have also created an information leaflet which you can download it HERE. Petitions can be returned to local stores with petitions or to 31/35 Severn Grove, by 5pm Tuesday July 2 at latest. If you wish to survey a street or area please email us. Thank you. ADDITION TO FIRST POST Mike Ash-Edwards from the Coop has said that any Coop members who have concerns about these plans can email him and he will present your letters to the regional board on Weds: pls email: To read a copy of a Coop member’s letter please click HERE, deadline for letters is Monday. UPDATE: The CO-OP have confirmed they are planning to put a CONVENIENCE SUPERMARKET on the Dairy/Pontcanna Pine site. What will the supermarket will look like? • A supermarket store which will trade 7 days a week, 7.00am – 10.00pm. • Retailing bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, household products, alcohol and will probably also be a lottery outlet. • Conversion of existing building into 2000 square feet store sales area with 1000 square feet storage inside the building space. • At this time, they are only proposing to rent the existing Dairy building for 15 years, but not the remainder of the site. • No confirmed delivery plan, they’re considering their vans reversing in/out of  of the space to the left building, over the pavement near the Severn Grove junction. What will happen next? They have undertaken some initial research around traffic and trade, and will present their proposal to their Cymru/Wales Regional Board on July 3 2013. They need their board’s approval to proceed. Most people at the consultation meeting (20/06) felt their information wasn’t correct, and didn’t reflect what it’s like to live & work in Pontcanna. As the Co-op stated that: 1. NO-ONE WOULD DRIVE TO THE STORE So the Co-op supermarket would not add to the existing traffic, parking and congestion issues in any way at all. 2. THE STORE WOULD NOT TAKE ANY TRADE AWAY FROM LOCAL BUSINESSES The Co-op supermarket will supply bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, household products, alcohol and probably be a lottery outlet, but will take no trade away from existing – many family run – businesses and stores. 3. AT THE MEETING ON 20/06 THEY DID NOT HAVE A CONFIRMED DELIVERY MANAGEMENT PLAN At the meeting the Co-op had specific data and plans for many aspects of the store but no specific delivery management plan for their delivery lorries. Why are we doing a petition? We need more time to undertake surveys to provide the board with more additional, accurate information. We’d like to present the board with a petition on July 3 showing that a large number of people in Pontcanna don’t agree with their initial research. Also that we are willing to commision and pay for surveys to provide additional data to assist their decision-making at the next board meeting in September. Please sign the petition and share with your neighbours and friends in the area. We need all petitions by 5pm Tuesday July 2, at the latest – please email us with any queries you have. Many thanks – The Pontcanna Hub team.

Now… CO-OP confirm plans for store at Dairy/Pontcanna Pine!


Mike (Co-op) with Alan Lane at meeting where they stated they had no store plans for the Dairy

The Co-op contacted us in the last few days with the news that they have reversed their decision about occupying a convenience store at the Dairy/Pontcanna Pine site.

Members of the Co-op Development Team will speak to us at on Thursday 20th June, 7.00pm at a meeting in Chapter Arts Centre, First Space Room (to your right as you come in the main entrance).

Please come along and hear what they have to say and find out why their plans are now considered viable, and how they will address our concerns. There is only space for 60, so please could you let us know if you are going to come along (all larger spaces were booked for this date). Please email us at We are aiming to video the meeting and post on the website also. Co-op have emailed us this statement:



 The Co-operative Group is in discussions to open a food store in the site of a former dairy in the Pontcanna area of Cardiff.

The Kings Road building is currently vacant, and was the focus of speculation last year that The Co-operative Food was intending to open there. At that time The Co-operative had no plans to locate a store there, as the developer’s proposals for a new building on the site would have been unsuitable.

However, the existing building already has planning consent which would allow it to be used for retail, and The Co-operative is now in discussions with the owner about opening a convenience store.

Mike Ash-Edwards, Regional Secretary for The Co-operative Group in Wales, said: “We are mindful of the concerns local people had about previous plans for the site, and we will be consulting with the local community to address these. Our aim is to open a small convenience store, that will enhance the area and complement the existing shops.”

“The dairy building is covered by a Lawful Development Certificate, issued by Cardiff Council in 2008, which allows it to be used for retail. That means that if The Co-operative doesn’t open a store on this site then another retailer will. We feel strongly that a Co-operative food store, with its commitment to ethical trading, such as Fairtrade, and its support for local community groups and charities, will be an asset to the local community.”

The new store would have a sales area of around 2,000 sq ft, and would create around 20 new jobs.”


We are very surprised and disappointed that a convenience store is being considered again despite all the arguments against it, some of which formed the basis for planning refusal of the last scheme. (Click here to see previous post with video of Mike from Co-op)

We understand that this time flats above it are not being proposed, just a conversion of the current building. We do not know if this is the final proposal for the Dairy/Pontcanna Pine or a stepping stone towards a combined store and flats scheme similar to before. We do not have further details at present and so we want to find out more. We are holding the public meeting on Thursday, 20 June at 7pm so the Co-op team can explain their scheme and be available for Q&A. We want to understand how their plans address all previous concerns and issues, including:

  • Traffic congestion caused by delivery vehicles and customers on a very tight corner and narrow streets including conflict with pedestrians and cyclists
  • Parking problems around the proposed store and on adjacent streets
  • Noisy deliveries, at early and late hours
  • Large refuse containers on public pavements
  • Inadequate disabled access
  • Building signage and exterior treatment unsuitable for a Conservation Area
  • A large convenience store with late opening hours in a dense, residential area.
  • Direct competition with, and taking business from, the local independent shops that contribute to Pontcanna’s vitality and character.

     We also want to know:

  • why they changed their mind – a different offer from the owners or a change in policy?
  • if they are buying, leasing or renting the site or building, if so for how long?
  • precisely what are they proposing for the building and the site?
  • What additional studies have been undertaken to justify their new proposals?
  • why an additional store is needed in the area with Tescos etc so close?
  • what they are likely to sell eg alcohol, flowers, vegetables, meat, bread?
  • and a proposed timeline for the development.

We are sending this list to the Co-op so we can be sure they can answer them for us. But we would like other queries we have not thought of to be raised at the meeting. We hope to see you at the meeting, if you are unable to attend and wish to comment please do so as a reply to this post. Thank  you.

Developer defeated again…

PrintPontcanna Pine/Dairy Update: We are very very pleased 🙂 to report that the Council Planning Committee has again REFUSED planning permission for the convenience store and 8 flats scheme proposed for the Pontcanna Pine site. We don’t know what the developers’ next move will be – We are sure the saga isn’t completely over yet – but the vote against the development was unanimous on grounds of the traffic and parking issues.

Thank you so much for all your tireless support, petitioning, and letter writing over such a long time – it has really helped to demonstrate that this was a completely unacceptable scheme for this location. We would again like to thank Mike from the Cooperative for coming to our meeting, and communicating with the Press and the Council, that the developers’ statement that the Co-op were currently interested in placing a supermarket on this site – were fictitious.

We end this post with a question from a supporter, if you have any thoughts/suggestions on this (we do!) please email us: “Has anyone thought about the community buying it / leasing it long term on a co-op type basis?”

Best wishes & Happy 2013! – The Pontcanna Pine team

Below are some of the 40+ responses to our email, thank you:

“Brilliant news.  So good to have won for once – people power – hurrah!”

“Unanimous – wow! I’m quite ready for more letter writing, knocking on doors too, if the saga isn’t over.”

“Good news. It’s probably not the end but hopefully the unanimous vote will tell them something.”

“Thank you so much for all the teams efforts. Grateful residents of Kings Road.”

“Fantastic news! Though as you say, it may not be over yet…”

“Congratulations to you and the team for all the hard work in achieving this stage as a success victory.”

“Brilliant brilliant news!!!!!!

 Well done everyone!!!!

 Glass of wine to celebrate.”

“On behalf of Cardiff Civic Society – congratulations!”

“Hooray! Llandaff fields development next??”

 “This is fabulous news !!!! I will now celebrate with marmite on toast and my cup of tea.”

 “I’m so delighted to hear this news! Each day I drive through this area, I think how crazy it would be to put more development there. The junction is already a dangerous place at times!” 

“Congratulations. A lovely early Christmas gift to us all.”

 “Horray! But you are right we need to keep our noses to the ground as no doubt there will be future developments.”

Council recommend rejecting developer’s supermarket plans!


Great news yesterday that Cardiff Council have AGAIN recommended rejecting the developer’s proposed supermarket plans for the Pontcanna Pine / Dairy site on Kings Road. Huge thanks to everyone who wrote letters/emails, signed petitions, tweeted, came to the meetings and contributed to the campaign… Proof that community action does work. 

To read the council report in more detail please download this council document and read from page 65 (pdf page 72).

We would still like people to attend the planning meeting, as it’s not a guaranteed that the application won’t be approved, and its likely the developer will appeal. The application going to Planning Committee on Wednesday 5th December. they will meet at 2.30pm in the Ferrrier Hall at City Hall.

And here are some more Pontcanna updates:

Pontcanna Art Fair
Pontcanna Hub’s own Felicity Auden is taking part in the Pontcanna Arts Fair on Sunday 2 December from 2-5pm at St Catherine’s Church Hall, Kings Road. Free entry, some lovely art and ideal Christmas gifts, with art and music activities too – and of course mulled wine and minced pies to get you into the Christmas spirit.

SUBURBAN DISCOsuburbandiscoYes its that time again, Pontcanna Hub are keen supporters of the Suburban Disco, this time its a Christmas special with free glass of Christmas Punch and cake – plus the usual groovy 70’s and 80’s toons and disco dancing – a great place to get a gang of mates and bop til you drop!

Tickets are selling fast, for more info and to send him your disco dance requests please  contact Steve Biddlecombe: or visit the Christmas Suburban Disco facebook page.

Developer’s ficticious plans for Co-Op at Pontcanna Pine!

Thanks to everyone who came to the community meeting on Monday to show their support for the campaign. A BIG thank you especially to Mike Ash-Edwards, the Regional Secretary Co-Op Cymru Wales Region, for making a special guest appearance to eloquently and categorically deny any truth in Chris Voyle’s plans for a Co-op supermarket at Pontcanna Pine / Dairy site.

Mike with meeting chair, Alan Lane.

The developer has based their whole resubmission around the ‘fact’ (now proving to be fiction) that the Co-Op had agreed ‘heads of terms’ – and would move in should planning permission for a supermarket be given. Mike had spent most of the day 100 % confirming the fact that there were no proposed plans – so this wasn’t a PR stunt, it was a genuine action delivered in the values of the Co-Op which has community members at its heart.

Iona Gordon created more detailed minutes from the meeting – download here.
You can click here to download plans: letter and parking and traffic data and revised Co-op Supermarket plans and Here is the link to the proposals if you wish to view the plans:

Here is a visual map of main differences:

The remainder of the meeting consisted of a presentation of the minor changes to the plans, and a request for everyone to write letters / emails to the council by 22 October. More detailed minutes are available to download here. Simon White was unable to be present, but had again invested a great deal of time creating detailed analysis which demonstrated that the picture submitted by the developer was designed to create a certain impression of the area. We kindly request people to write with real stories, experiences and concerns, so the council have an accurate view of the reality of the area and the negative impact a supermarket would have.

• Planning Objection – by October 22  Ref Number to quote: 11/01213/DC1.
• The planning meeting is on Wednesday 7 November at 2.30 pm in City Hall
• please copy us on our email if you can

Read today’s press article in the Echo where the developer did not take the opportunity to provide public evidence to support his proposals: “But in a statement to YourCardiff tonight, Mr Voyle would not be drawn on the Co-op’s comments. He said: “I was not present at the public meeting and have not spoken with the Co-op in respect of any comments and have no wish to enter into a debate in the press on this issue.” 

Lastly we want to thank all our supporters, local businesses, tweeters and bloggers – it really is a team effort. The Co-Op speaker at the meeting was due to a tweeter making direct contact to check the developers plans. Thank you again, Pontcanna Pine Team.

We will update in the next post about the proposed Pontcanna Fields Sports Development,

They’re back… Co-op Supermarket Planned for Pontcanna Pine site


This gallery contains 11 photos.

As anticipated, despite having their proposals recommended for rejection last time and OVERWHELMING PUBLIC CRITICISM OF THE PLANS the developers have DISREGARDED LOCALS’ CONCERNS and resubmitted plans for a supermarket on the Pontcanna Pine/Dairy site. Please attend the meeting to … Continue reading

Something N-ice(-cream) happening at Pontcanna Pine/Dairy?

For a few months the Pontcanna Pine/Dairy has been used by a family run business. Very appropriate use of space, minimal traffic and disruption on the roads and very friendly people. Things were lookin’ good til the developer told us that it was “Just for the summer”… and that he had “lots of shops interested in the site.”

The last two planning applications have been made just before major holidays so we are expecting the next one to come at a similar time. Until then – happy summer days!