What people are saying…

To view letters sent in by people for the campaign please click the links below, thanks  for writing and sharing everyone!
Comprehensive, compelling letter by Mark Drakeford AM & Kevin Brennan MP
• PP Team letter to nearest residents re: opening hours & alcohol
• JD letter asking council to reject proposal “on the basis of the bleeding obvious”
• DE letter  written by person with law background, detailed rejection of proposal
AS Letter highlighting development doesn’t support CC Sustainable Cardiff policy
• KL letter local resident passionately communicating potential problems
SB letter focusing on impact of supermarket on local economy
• IAM letter ‘worried for our livelihood & neighbourhood’
DJE letter ‘don’t believe proposal measures up to sustainable development tests’
AV letter
MR letter
TB letter
Many more to follow when we have time to upload…

“I quote from Cardiff Council’s OWN leaflet on the Cathedral Road Conservation Area: “The first principle of a Conservation Area is to preserve or enhance”, This development clearly fails in both these objectives – that should be the end of it and the Planning Committee are obliged to say NO.”
 Jean Griffiths, Severn Grove resident

I fail to see how such a development fits with Cardiff Council’s Sustainable Cardiff policy of ‘working towards becoming a sustainable city, where people live long, healthy, and happy lives, whilst living within the Earth’s environmental limits.”
Dr Anita Shaw, (Sneyd Street resident)

“What madness to propose a supermarket in this position. If I caused distress, misery and mayhem in Pontcanna every day, I could expect to be arrested and to receive an ASBO, and rightly so. Well, distress, misery and mayhem are what this development will bring to Pontcanna residents. That’s a certainty, as any fool can see. Whoever proposes such a thing is therefore guilty of anti-social behaviour. The developers should be served with an ASBO to prevent this crime from being committed. Don’t forget, once this thing is built there will be no going back, it will permanently blight our neighbourhood.”

Ceri Jenkins (Severn Grove resident)

“A great site and a brilliant central source to collate information and knowledge. Many thanks to all those who have set this up and your time and effort really shows. Special thanks for making the information more accessible for everyone. Having online access to the detailed planning applications and parking surveys makes it much easier for us all to make informed opinions and decisions about the issues.”
Suzi Hunt (Flowers with a Twist)

“There is no parking here. There must be places for people to park. We get people calling before they come and asking ‘where can I park my car?’ A group of 15 people the other day had to park halfway down Cathedral Rd. They said ‘this is a lovely place to eat but we cannot park our car’. People don’t want to have to walk for ages when they go for a meal.”
Zakir Hussain (works at the Cinnamon Tree on King’s Road)

“I have read the developer’s transport and retail reports and looked at the revised proposals. For all their justifications, common sense still dictates that this is a completely unacceptable place to put an all hours convenience store. It is at the junction of two narrow rat run residential streets and will compete with local and neighbourhood centres sensibly located on wide streets nearby. Don’t let this development spoil Pontcanna’s character and and destroy its independent stores and our quality of life.”
Simon White, (Resident Grove/Pontcanna Pine Team member)

“I am really concerned about the impact of yet another supermarket on our excellent local shops. The impact on road safety is also a huge concern. I cross this junction several times per day by foot or on my bike and it is often really hazardous even now. I picture my kids trying to negotiate large delivery lorries, vans, more cars on their bicycles… The developer admits that is ‘difficult to quantify the benefit’ of this development. Indeed. But it is not quite so difficult to estimate the detrimental effect that it will undoubtedly have on the community.”
Charlotte Boman (Resident, Severn Grove)

“I can’t believe they are still considering this development. Supermarkets are not needed at every corner of the town. Pontcanna already has a good supply of shops that are family run and privately owned if they all close then nothing has been gained and a community feeling lost. Pontcanna will then just be a string of estate agents. This is a real chance for the Council to put a stop to the takeover by supermarkets, before it’s too late!”

“It will really affect our business as it will offer the same as us and will be over double our size. Also, a shop this large size will attract gangs of children hanging around outside, we don’t sell to underage drinkers and work very hard to make sure they move on. Our post office has been here for over 30 years, and plays an important role in the local community; we take bill payments, pay pensions and sell foreign currency. Our staff know every pensioner and are always very helpful, even carrying bags home for them if they are not able to.”
Rashmikant Patel, postmaster/owner (Post Office & Pontcanna Stores)

“This type of development will definitely take income away from family-run/local businesses, which have already been affected by the current economic recession.”
Ana & Inness Mitchell, local retailer (Wine & Roses, Severn Grove)

“The independent shops of Pontcanna provide a vital service, particularly for elderly and vulnerable people. My mother and mother-in-law are part of the social network. The shop keepers knowledge of the individual’s needs simply couldn’t be replicated by a large national chain.”
John Roberts, local resident (Plasturton Gardens)

“We don’t want any supermarkets – this area is about the little shops, we have some fantastic, unusual shops which give it character.”
Kay Morgan, local resident (Pontcanna Street)

“These streets already get used by many people parking illegally, and this development will make it even more dangerous for pedestrians and children playing. What should be a quiet residential area turns into a giant carpark – where people cannot park anywhere near their properties.”
Rachel Edwards, local resident (Hafren Court, Severn Grove)

“When I moved here 30 years ago there were 4 cars on Severn Grove, since the new flats were built we cannot park anywhere near our house.”
Mr Kahn, local resident (Severn Grove)

“Any supermarket opening in this area would affect our business greatly as they would be selling the same kind of products as us.”
Jason Collins, local retailer (The Fruit Bowl)

“We are still in a recession, its hard enough for small businesses to operate now – it will lead to long established family businesses (we have been going for over 80 years since 1929) closing. If a supermarket type store opened on the Pontcanna Pine/Dairy site it is very likely to make us close as we could not compete.
Sian Morgan, local retailer (Philip Morgan & Son)

“It seems that the supermarkets are not content with being supermarkets anymore. Now they want to steal trade from the local shops as well which have been the backbone of this country since trading began. By quietly placing smaller supermarkets into local communities they are putting peoples jobs at risk. The point that has gone unsaid so far is the far reaching effects that this will have. For instance if just one shop closes then perhaps four or five people lose their job but also some products then become unavailable and then we consider the small delivery vans to that shop. The van driver has one less call, multiply that by the other areas that supermarkets are infiltrating and then that van driver loses his job.”
Paul, local retailer (Hot Pantry Bakery)

“We simply do not need a new large-scale shop in this area, we support the local business and can walk 5 minutes to Cowbridge Road if we need anything that they don’t supply – which isn’t often. The council should be trying to reduce the traffic in this area, encouraging local residents to really ‘shop local’ rather than ‘shop multinational chain’.
Fran O’Hara, local resident (Severn Grove)

“Locating a large store on the congested corner of 2 narrow residential streets has not been thought through. Attracting shoppers to this residential area away from existing shops, at all times of the day and night, will ruin our quality of life and badly affect the character of Pontcanna as a whole.” 
Simon & Flip White, local residents (Severn Grove)