Welcome to the Pontcanna Hub website – an information site for people who live, like, visit and work in Pontcanna, Cardiff.

In July 2011 two campaigns were launched to protest against proposed supermarket developments in Pontcanna, these were:

• SAINSBURYS at the Pontcanna Pine/The Dairy site on Kings Road
• TESCOS at the Ballantyne Wine Merchants site on Cathedral Road

These campaigns resulted in an amazing show of support from people who lived in the area, and those who enjoy visiting or work in Pontcanna. Meetings were held to share information, consult with people for their views, and to gain ideas of how to fight the developers’ proposals. Funds were raised at the meeting, these have been used to finance two traffic assessment proposals and the printing of materials. We have set up a formal committee with a treasurer to manage these funds correctly.

During these two campaigns the Pontcanna Pine/The Dairy team received many requests for (and offers of help with) some kind of website/information hub which people could visit to learn up-to-date news, find out more information, and download copies of the developers’ plans. Also a place where people could suggest ideas for action/help.

Since then we have participated in and shared many campaigns and events, and had over 23,000+ site views. We also know many more local people and business owners by name!

We hope the site has become a valuable resource and that it communicates and celebrates what we all love about Pontcanna, our community and our lovely parklands. We welcome comments to posts, and if you would like information posted on the site please email us. You can also follow us on twitter @pontcannahub thank you.

Thanks for all your support so far, and we hope you find the website useful.

The Pontcanna Hub Team
September 2013
Please note: this site is privately funded and run by a group of local residents who are the ‘Pontcanna Pine Team’ and has no commercial or political affliation, all views are our own.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    My name’s Liz and I’m a student at Cardiff School of Journalism. I’m one of two patch reporters for Pontcanna and Riverside (I think you’ve already been in touch with my colleague Elena Cresci.)

    I’m really keen to get to know the community as well as possible and have been reading your blog, which is very informative. I’ve been following the Tesno and Pontcanna Pine campaigns, but would like to come along to any relevant meetings.

    Please keep me updated with any developments. I look forward to meeting you.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Liz, thanks for making contact, any advice you can offer the campaign would be appreciated also and ways to improve the site. If you follow us on twitter @pontcannahub then all updates will be posted there also. best pontcannapine team

  2. Hooray!
    As an ex-Pontcanna resident and very interested party 😉 I’m very happy to see this website and wish you all the success you need to overturn the proposals for Sainsburys and Tescos.
    Keep up the good work!
    Former Guardian Cardiff beatblogger

  3. Hello, my name is Mark, and I work for an organisation called EPP Cymru, based in Penarth.

    Firstly, please be assured that this is not spam!

    We provide free NHS self-management courses for people living with a long term health condition. We also provide free NHS courses for people who care for a friend or relative with a long term health condition.

    The reason why I am writing on this forum is because we will shortly be starting one of our courses at the Wallich Centre, and we would like to bring this to the attention of people living locally, who may benefit from attending.

    Our courses run over a six-week period, and consist of one 2.5 hour session per week (always at the same time in the same place). We do not offer medical advice – instead we concentrate on ‘managing’ your long term health condition on a day to day basis, and we cover topics such as stress, depression, pain, fatigue, anxiety, relaxation, exercise, action planning and healthy eating.

    Our course at the Wallich Centre begins on Wednesday 18th April 2012, from 10.00am until 12.30pm. Anybody with a long term health condition (no matter what it is) is welcome. If you require any further information or if you wish to enrol on the course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Please note that spaces are restricted to a maximum of 20 participants, so if you’re interested in attending, please contact me as soon as possible to ensure that we can book you on to the course!

    Thank you.

  4. Hello,
    Given that you are representing the people of Pontcanna, when do you propose to provide a welsh language version of your site? I assume that the hub constitution (tbc on Jan 21st) will also confirm your recognition of the national language, spoken my very many residents.

    • Hi Chris,
      Pontcannahub: Our aims are not to represent the people of Pontcanna, we are purely an information giving website and are independent, and privately funded. We do not have the funding or technical expertise to make our site bilingual – much as we would like to.
      Peoples Hub: Contact details for this are on the site, all of their printed materials are bilingual, they are a voluntary group and rely on members for financial funding and skills such as translation etc.
      hope that helps.

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