Suburban Disco – ‘Dance til the stars come down from the rafters’

suburban disco Oct26Invitation from the great Steve and Chris Biddlecombe:
Dear Friend
Once more we are putting on a disco and hoping that you will be able to come along and have a damn good time dancing to music you love. We are at St Catherine’s Church Hall in King’s Road, Pontcanna, so nice and local and friendly.
We start early 7:30pm – though most people don’t turn up till after 8.00pm – and we finish early 11.00pm – so baby-sitters will be on the pre-midnight rate and we will be able to get our camomile tea and beauty sleep.
We provide a licensed bar with good quality beers and wines, we also provide spirits and soft drinks, and tea and coffee. We decorate the room with posters, pictures and album covers, we make an old tin shed look like a New York Nightclub (although it is a matter of opinion whether the nightclub is Studio 54 or CBGB’s).
We play music you will love and we take requests and suggestions.
We provide nibbles on each table and are happy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events with you and your friends.
In other words we provide a night out that people love in a local environment that is friendly and safe.
Please come and join us on Saturday 26th October – Steve and Chris

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