Co-op Supermarket at Pontcanna Pine/Dairy Site – FInal Plans


The Co-Op are already advertising their products directly outside Patel’s Post Office and store, showing their true colours – aiming to take custom from local stores.

The Coop were successful in getting a license to sell alcohol at the  proposed convenience store during the opening hours of 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. They brought in a specialist licensing solicitor from Newcastle to put forward their case to the committee. Iona Gordon, our councillor spoke on our behalf alongside a number of residents and shopkeepers but to no avail. Thanks to Iona and the many who wrote in, and those who turned up to the meeting.

There was a lot of negative feeling at the session towards the Co-Op and the committee remarked on the large number of letters protesting against the appli. They asked the Co-Op to make actions to rebuild relations with the local community. This was only a recommendation, it cannot be enforced in anyway – to date we have received no communications regarding rebuilding community links since the Co-Op issued their plans for the 7 days a week 7am – 10pm store?

This is not the end of the story, though. The Coop still need to get planning permission for various works to convert the building- please see the proposals and our comments on this website. This needs urgent action.

 2) Pontcanna Pine/The Dairy- Current Planning Application – action needed before 17 October please.

The application for conversion of the premises to a convenience store at Pontcanna Pine/The Dairy has been submitted by the Co-op as expected.  They are using the small alley to the left of the building for deliveries and lorries will drive across the pavement at the corner near Severn Grove. You can see the full plans etc here: Plan 1  Plan 2  Plan 3  Plan 4 With an image of the front shown below, the proposals are for:

\LAPTOPUsersDavidDocumentsMy Wellsfield WorkPontcannaDraw

  • A new glass frontage on Kings Road, protected by bollards, with single door and access ramp.
  • An enlarged gated entrance on Kings Road for deliveries and maintenance to the side of the building.
  • Refrigerant and air conditioning units to the side behind the Severn Grove side wall with acoustic fencing.
  • A new profile steel roof to replace the asbestos roof.

There are no plans, details or provision for parking or deliveries on the street, no consideration or plans for how this will impact local people or businesses.

If you are still concerned that this proposal may be detrimental to the neighbourhood – particularly as it is in a Conservation Area, please write to the Council before 17 October 2013 stating your reasons, quoting 13/01798/DCI. The address is:

Phil Williams, Development Control, Cardiff County Council, City Hall, Cardiff, CF10 3ND

Thank you for your support patience and energy during this campaign.

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