Your chance to comment on Cardiff’S 20MPH Scheme


Cardiff Council hope that introducing 20mph speed limits will improve road safety in the city, make it easier for people to walk and cycle, increase sociability and generally make Cardiff a nicer place to live. 

website-logoVisit Cardiff Council’s online resource ‘Keep Cardiff Moving’ website HERE to find out more information. You’ll find a map of the proposed area, dates of public consultation sessions, an online survey, an FAQ for the pilot scheme, and links to more information on 20mph speed limits and campaigns in the UK. If you would like Pontcanna/your area to be considered please email them your concerns asap

As with similar schemes across the UK the proposed 20mph pilot in Cardiff is a signs-only scheme, so there won’t be any road humps or other traffic calming measures installed as part of the pilot.

Following this public consultation, a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be submitted requesting that the legal speed limit be changed to 20mph on roads within the pilot boundary. Once it is submitted, it takes approximately 6 months for a TRO to become law, during which time there will be a period of further consultation where formal objections to the order can be made. These objections will be taken into account before deciding on whether or not the order is passed.

What can you do?

The online survey has now finished but you can still email the council your concerns. Please let Cardiff Council know what you think of the proposals, as soon as possible.

You can email them with your views at They’re currently running drop-in consultation sessions where the public can speak to a representative in person, dates of which can be found here.

The scheme will only be successful if it has the support of local residents, businesses and stakeholders. Cardiff Council will be launching a wider communication campaign over the next few months, and the more support we can get now, the better it will be! Please fill in spread the word and let them know if your local community group/business/school would like to get involved.

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