Co-op decides to ‘Progress’ Supermarket plans.

On Friday Mike Ash-Edwards emailed to say that the Co-op have decided to progress their plans for a supermarket at the PontcannaPine/Dairy site, following a decision by their Regional Board.

– Opening hours everyday including Sundays of  7am – 10pm

– They intend to seek permission for ‘Off-Sales’ of alcohol

– The Co-op will be trying to get a lottery licence

– Deliveries will be 9.30am – 6pm

– They have not yet decided if they will sell newspapers

This is exactly the same plan they presented at the start of the meeting with their team in Chapter.

Thank you to those who wrote letters, signed the petitions and came to the meetings.

Please continue to support your local businesses, you can choose where you shop and who you support. These businesses are a valuable part of our great community and we hope that people will continue to shop with them.

2 thoughts on “Co-op decides to ‘Progress’ Supermarket plans.

  1. hi, i just walked past the dairy and was reading the planning notices that are up… Co-Op are seeking trading hours (incl. the sale of alcohol) from 7am until 11pm, an hour later than they originally said. Not sure if this is something we can use against them? Also said that all opposition letter needed to be recieved by middle of august (can’t remember the date sorry, i think the 15th). Just a thought :o)

    • HI thanks for sending this – its on the website now, please fill in the form and express your concerns. The Co-op have made a decision to extend the hours in their application and to date we have not heard why.

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