Riding School at Pontcanna Fields ‘to close’

horse2Since this post and the huge media campaign and show of support (thanks) the riding school closure is being reviewed by the council and an alternative solution being sought.
Thanks to those who asked us to post this news: the staff at the council-run Cardiff Riding School, at Pontcanna Fields say they have been told it will close within 3 months.
If you wish to protest about this there is a council meeting on 31 January at 3.30pm in City Hall. The school are hoping as many people will come to the meeting and support them – please attend if you can.

30 workers were apparently told on Wednesday that the 30-acre site in Pontcanna Fields would shut by 1 April. The 43-year-old school has 50 horses, and one member of staff feared many would have to be put down because they would be impossible to re-home. The school offers riding for children and adults and specialises in providing riding for disabled people. One staff member told the BBC:

horse3“Our main clients are young schoolchildren. We also have lots of disabled people. We teach them four or five days a week – they really enjoy it; often they relate to animals better. 

We don’t know what will happen to the horses here. I think they will have to be put down because it will be difficult to find homes for them.”

Cardiff council refused to confirm the closure, although a budget statement is expected at a council meeting on Thursday. More of this article here.

7 thoughts on “Riding School at Pontcanna Fields ‘to close’

  1. A disgrace. This is a fabulous place. I am 62 & ent there many years ago. Please don’t let them close this wonderful place. The poor horses & staff-another terrible greed announcement by Councils. !!!!!!!

  2. I’ve only heard about this today, and am outraged.

    May I urge everybody to write to their councillors, AMs and MP.
    The easiest way of doing this is to go to the website

    where you’ll find all your representatives, and from which site you can send your e-mail. I’ve just done that.

    BTW – has anybody looked at the provision unter the Act of Royal protection, which was granted to Pontcanna Fields last year?

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