Developer defeated again…

PrintPontcanna Pine/Dairy Update: We are very very pleased 🙂 to report that the Council Planning Committee has again REFUSED planning permission for the convenience store and 8 flats scheme proposed for the Pontcanna Pine site. We don’t know what the developers’ next move will be – We are sure the saga isn’t completely over yet – but the vote against the development was unanimous on grounds of the traffic and parking issues.

Thank you so much for all your tireless support, petitioning, and letter writing over such a long time – it has really helped to demonstrate that this was a completely unacceptable scheme for this location. We would again like to thank Mike from the Cooperative for coming to our meeting, and communicating with the Press and the Council, that the developers’ statement that the Co-op were currently interested in placing a supermarket on this site – were fictitious.

We end this post with a question from a supporter, if you have any thoughts/suggestions on this (we do!) please email us: “Has anyone thought about the community buying it / leasing it long term on a co-op type basis?”

Best wishes & Happy 2013! – The Pontcanna Pine team

Below are some of the 40+ responses to our email, thank you:

“Brilliant news.  So good to have won for once – people power – hurrah!”

“Unanimous – wow! I’m quite ready for more letter writing, knocking on doors too, if the saga isn’t over.”

“Good news. It’s probably not the end but hopefully the unanimous vote will tell them something.”

“Thank you so much for all the teams efforts. Grateful residents of Kings Road.”

“Fantastic news! Though as you say, it may not be over yet…”

“Congratulations to you and the team for all the hard work in achieving this stage as a success victory.”

“Brilliant brilliant news!!!!!!

 Well done everyone!!!!

 Glass of wine to celebrate.”

“On behalf of Cardiff Civic Society – congratulations!”

“Hooray! Llandaff fields development next??”

 “This is fabulous news !!!! I will now celebrate with marmite on toast and my cup of tea.”

 “I’m so delighted to hear this news! Each day I drive through this area, I think how crazy it would be to put more development there. The junction is already a dangerous place at times!” 

“Congratulations. A lovely early Christmas gift to us all.”

 “Horray! But you are right we need to keep our noses to the ground as no doubt there will be future developments.”

One thought on “Developer defeated again…

  1. I think the space would be fantastic as a community space. A place for co-working, groups, creative activities to take place. Such a shame to see such a big building, with SO much potential just lying their empty. Would be even more of a shame to see it turned in to yet another super market though so well done!

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