Surprise! Officials take proposal off agenda: Today’s Council Meeting Update

20.29pm Wednesday 8 February Update:

We went, we heard the council official read out the statement shown below in italics, and our proposal was taken off the agenda for today, then a large group of people got up from their seats and walked out in a dignified manner… visibly protesting quietly with our feet.

Thanks to everyone who came – what a great warm supportive community we have. At the moment we anticipate that the proposal will come before the
planning meeting on Wednesday March 7 at 2.30pm – please put it in your diaries and watch this space…
And as the sign on the photo above says: ‘SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES NOT SUPERMARKETS!’


10.13am Wednesday 8 February Update:
We have now been told that the Pontcanna Pine/Dairy proposal IS on the planning committee agenda for today BUT Cardiff Council Transportation are going to request the committee for extra time to consider new evidence put in by the developer’s regarding the transport issues, on which the ground for refusing the planning application rest.

It is most likely the Planning Committee will agree to the officer’s request as if they do not the developer’s would argue that it was not a fair debate. So it is most unlikely that the planning application will be decided today. We are going and if you are willing and able to attend then we would like you to – if you want to show your opposition, you never know what may happen. Please make a date in your diary for the next Planning Committee which is Wednesday March 8th where it will probably be decided, unless the developer withdraws it, or submits more information.

Here is the late representations notice and the request from The Operational Manager, Transportation, page 7 Planin_F_12_02_08_A_Rep_B:

“Notwithstanding previous emails from Transportation in respect of the above, I am of the opinion that further discussion with the agent and traffic consultant are necessary in order to clarify issues and to establish a comprehensive and robust assessment of the traffic implications. I believe that this is critical to the Council’s position on any
impending appeal against possible refusal of planning permission based on Transport grounds. I trust that you will advise Planning Committee in the appropriate manner.”

Thanks for all your support to date – we will keep you posted. In the meantime please keep doing as the ‘edited’ photo above says…
Support local businesses not Supermarkets!

Best wishes

The Pontcanna Pine Team

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