‘The Road To Pontcanna…’ Giant Lorry v Small Corner

(We’ve temporarily taken video down as it was conflicting with the site – apologies.
Back up as soon as its fixed!)

Giant lorry attempts to turn right at very small corner in Pontcanna!
Our video of lorry following the proposed (Sainsburys?) supermarket delivery route – REAL evidence of what it’d be REALLY like – with 5 deliveries between 7am and 1pm everyday.* Video (name that tune?) featuring:
• Lorry wheels rolling over pavement, having taken several attempts to turn the corner
• Car reversing back down Severn Grove as lorry is blocking way (with no way out)
• 2 cars doing 3 point turns as traffic at stand-still using empty residents spaces to turn
• Not very happy at all Post Office van driver
• Lady in red car attempting to turn left in very small space on Kings Road
• Cyclist forced onto pavement as Kings road is blocked
• Mothers with children in strollers concerned about turning corner with Lorry nearby
• Route for emergency services?
• ‘Traffic coming the other way’ unlike in the developer’s transport report
• and… Suzi from Flowers with a Twist explaining to drivers that the lorry was demonstrating how it would be to have a supermarket delivery route here.

We would like you to write letters to the council highlighting what its really like, and could be like, if supermarkets open in Pontcanna – see great letter by our AM/MP: MD&KB_letter and all other letters in our letters/quotes tab. Deadline is today!

Suzi from Flowers with a Twist:
“Traffic test….Sincere apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced on Thurs 19/1 morning by a large articulated lorry on junction of Severn Grove & King’s Rd. This was to provide photographic evidence to the Council of what a nightmare it would be for delivery lorries taking this route. As discussed and agreed at residents’ meeting on Jan 12th, one of the flower suppliers to Flowers with a Twist kindly agreed to help us with this campaign by driving his large articulated lorry along the proposed delivery route so that we could get appropriate photographic evidence of the problem.”

John Nord, Andrew’s Special Flowers (ASF) (the driver):
“Despite 25 years experience as a driver throughout Europe, I would never (normally) use this route as it’s too narrow and traffic is too heavy. If any vehicles were parked in the left hand residents’ bays on Severn Grove, just before the King’s Rd junction it’s impossible for an articulated lorry to make the right hand turn without hitting the vehicles parked on left. Articulated lorries have a pivoting rear axle that will swing out to left, the moment the vehicles starts to turn right. For an articulated lorry to make this turn, the rear wing of the lorry has to swing out to the left (i.e. over the lines into the residents bay on left) and would hit any vehicles parked there.”

Thanks to everyone, especially John and Suzi and all the people passing by who shouted out support and “hope you’re filming this for the campaign!”

Giant lorry v Small cornerPlease write letters to council to stop this becoming a reality – Deadline is Monday 23 January. You can write letters even if you sent one for the original campaign; and if you work, live, visit and like Pontcanna. Please click here for Sample restrictions letter. THANK YOU.

*NOTE: Highlight to the council that Article 243 of the Highway Code states that cars shall not ‘stop or park opposite or within 10 metres [32 feet] of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.’ The proposed 15m long loading bay/3 parking spaces outside the proposed shop start 5 metres from the junction. This provision is therefore sub-standard, particularly when used on a daily basis, and does not allow adequate space for movement at the junction where congestion can occur. This reinforces the point that large articulated delivery vehicles [16.5m] which could take up even more space than the loading bay are totally unacceptable in highway terms.

3 thoughts on “‘The Road To Pontcanna…’ Giant Lorry v Small Corner

  1. As a resident of Pontcanna, I came across this website while searching for something else. I’ll state my views from the offset – I am neither strongly supportive or opposed to the development of the Dairy as flats and a Sainsburys/Waitrose or whoever’s showing the present interest. Having watched the video though, I do find many flaws in your argument. I know you’re trying to state a strong point but your argument is weakened in the way you do so. The lorry driver states he wouldn’t usually take this route – a more sensible path would be via Catherdal Road or Pontcanna Street. Do you have concrete evidence to suggest that whichever shop that hopes to use the Dairy will use the same Severn Grove route? Also, if lorries of this size are used to service the stock needs of Flowers with a Twist, shouldn’t you be campaigning for the removal of that business because whichever way lorries arrive at FwaT, they will cause some inconvenience for road and pavement users? I also note that one of the campaign’s priorities is to keep Pontcanna local. I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve driven up Pontcanna St to be confronted with white transit vans and estate cars double parked or parked on double yellow lines outside Pontcanna stores, unloading stock to the shop. However, I’ve never seen or heard of any campaign to impose restrictions on them. The same is true for the launderette, Brava, Driscoll butchers and the bakery. From the outside, it seems that you’re proposing one rule for one and another for another.

    • Many thanks for your post Rhodri, I will respond to your points separately:

      – We too are not against change or development or progress, but the reality of this kind of development and the negative impact it will have is the reason we are opposing it.

      – Yes we do have concrete evidence it is in the developer’s proposal (posted on this site) – the lorries will go in one direction on that route. That is why we did the video to show real life and its impact.

      – There is no limit to the size of the lorry they could use, once the retail permission is given it is attached to the property not the retailer.

      – We are not political campaigners; we are ordinary people with ordinary jobs and families. We have no responsibility to campaign against any issues, it states this clearly on the homepage, it is privately funded (not with the community whip-round money). People asked us for a place where they could see what is happening with developments and that is what the site does. If you, or anyone else feels strongly about issues then it is you have a choice how to respond. I hadn’t noticed the lorry until it came on that day. Suzi runs a local family-run business and employs 8 people and has a beautiful shop with a children’s hairdresser – she is an independent business woman who has a right to make a living and it has not negatively impacted on my life personally – it has positively so I wish her luck and success running a private business in a tough economic climate.

      – I don’t think there is any sensible route for a large lorry to come into Severn Grove? They have to park on the 3 specific spaces the developer has allotted between 7am and 1pm, your statement does not make sense as the lorries need to leave via Severn Grove in some way as the store is located on Kings Road?
      – I am not proposing a rule; we are opposing a change of use.

      It is a retail space and they want to greatly increase the densification of that retail space. If people aren’t protesting then it is not upsetting them, people are protesting about this – it’s a personal choice and they are choosing to oppose the plans, we simply provide information that they can use.
      Many thanks for your email.

    • I believe it is also pertinent that the delivery to Flowers with a Twist is once a week. The proposal for Pontcanna Pine is for daily deliveries (I believe). Clearly these are very different.

      I don’t agree with your “one rule for one and another for another” opinion – as you point out, the traffic/parking issues in Pontcanna are already pretty bad, however these are established, already have permission and are (just about) tolerable. It is my view that the Pontcanna Pine proposal will be ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’. i.e. just because we already tolerate a certain level of inconvenience it doesn’t mean we have to accept more.

      The reality is that there is potential for the dairy site to be devloped in a way that has a positive impact or a negative one. I know which option I prefer.

      A bit off topic, but I also like the fact that Rhodri or anyone else, is free to have a look at this website and make comments, whatever their opinions. Whilst the campaign and this website may not be viewed as perfect by all, it is facilitating debate and giving local people a voice, which can only be a good thing.

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