Parking spaces lost at PontcannaPine as double-yellow lines extended

2-3 valuable car parking spaces (5m) were lost on Kings Road/Severn Grove on 16th January, with no notice or reason initially being given to local residents or businesses?

The council extended the double yellow lines at the top of Kings Road and on Severn Grove, both sections of road are adjacent to the Pontcanna Pine/Dairy site. This action has resulted in the loss of two-three car parking/passing spaces in an already congested area. Whilst this may improve vehicle movement at the junction, displaced cars will have to park further down the street or on other streets. This will reduce potential parking spaces in the area and increase congestion.

Also, as everyone in Pontcanna has already seen near other late night stores, people ‘risk’ parking on double yellow lines if they are popping into a store to make a quick purchase. If the supermarket development goes ahead then this will happen here, as cars will not be parked in these spaces now. Roger Tucker from Meads (opposite Pontcanna Pine) said:

“Reduction in the ‘free’ car parking spaces will really impact us as we have 8 people working here. Our customers will immediately notice the difference – they already risk fines by parking in residents spaces because of the lack free parking. This will result in a loss of income for local businesses.”

Roger Tucker showing where 3 spaces have been lost - (top) on Severn Grove, (above) Kings Road

Martin Tucker (Meads) suggested that the spaces had been put in the wrong place:

“There is a real blindspot on Severn Grove outside our office. As large lorries such as Castle Howell and Trade Team for the Robin Hood can’t sweep around the corner they can take 7 or 8 minutes of moving backwards and forwards to try to get around the corner. This causes huge congestion and a traffic build-up.”

We aim to get videos/photos of the traffic at rush hour to show the council how bad it gets – please send us your images. A supermarket would make the current situation much worse. Roger and Martin echoed other local businesses’ comments, that the lack of parking will put-off customers visiting the area, resulting in a reduction of trade and a loss of jobs in the area.

Cardiff Council officers said that it came to their notice that the double yellow lines were substandard. The lines have now been marked to follow the extent of the ‘sealed traffic order’ which is the already approved legal document showing where the yellow lines should be at this junction. They acknowledge that the Kings Road /Severn Grove junction is a busy cut through. The yellow lining works are completely independent of the proposed development at Pontcanna Pine.

An important point to highlight to the council is that Article 243 of the Highway Code states that cars shall not ‘stop or park opposite or within 10 metres [32 feet] of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.’

The proposed 15m long loading bay/3 parking spaces outside the proposed shop start 5 metres from the junction.  This provision is therefore sub-standard, particularly when used on a daily basis, and does not allow adequate space for movement at the junction where congestion can occur. This reinforces the point that large articulated delivery vehicles [16.5m] which could take up even more space than the loading bay are totally unacceptable in highway terms.

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