Whitchurch Tesco Express

A servicing nightmare – Could this be repeated in Pontcanna?

Residents living in the narrow residential street adjacent to the Tesco Express store in Whitchurch have been fighting a battle* against the store with its delivery vehicles using the street to park on. Foreland Road has only space for vehicles travelling in one direction at a time when vehicles are parked [like Seven Grove and Kings Road]. The Tesco delivery vehicles park on the road and cause congestion and difficulty in access as well as almost causing serious accidents involving pedestrians and early morning disturbance from 7am.

The residents have campaigned against this blight on their amenity and quality of life but have been met with little sympathy from either Tesco’s or the police until involvement from the media, and only then, very limited physical improvements were made to the situation.

Interestingly, Tesco eventually admitted that the Whitchurch store was their worst in the UK for delivery and traffic problems! They have also been reported as saying informally that the Pontcanna Pine site would be unacceptable to them from the point of access and servicing. This is a stark illustration of how bad the Pontcanna Pine/The Dairy site is.

We do not want the Council and police to be wise after the event in Pontcanna. We DO NOT believe that the narrow residential streets or on street servicing of the store even with an allocated on street bay will be at all satisfactory because traffic will wish to park on the corner of the street by/on the bay and vehicles will also wish to approach in the other direction during arrival and departure of the delivery vehicle, causing regular congestion/conflict. We think this will adversely affect residents’ and visitors’ access, amenity and safety, just like at Whitchurch.  Please take note Cardiff Council!

Flip and Simon White/14/01/12
*Click here for full article: Whitchurch Tesco Express – Tescopoly article

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