12/01 Pontcanna Pine/Dairy Update: Meeting & Photos

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Many thanks to all who attended the meeting and offered assistance – Please write letters to the council and encourage others to do the same.

Please click on this link  to read the Minutes from Meeting_12/01/12 SImon White has prepared a word document which has bullet points and information on the proposals for letter writing: Letters to Council January 2012

Even if you have already written a letter of objection you are entitled to object to the revised proposals as well – the original letters will be considered, plus all the additional letters. The deadline for letters is Monday 23 January 2012, the planning meeting is on 8 February 2012. You can write or email letters to:
Post: Phil Williams, Development Management, City Hall,
Cardiff CF10 3ND
Email: developmentmanagement@cardiff.gov.uk

• Please quote reference number 11/1213DC1
• Please include your name and address
• Letters should include as many of the reasons that are personal to you as possible
• Describe your real issues so council get a REAL picture of local people’s concerns
• Include photos to provide visual evidence
• Please send us a copy if you can pontcanna.pine2011@gmail.com and any photos

Click here to vote in our ‘We would not use supermarkets in Pontcanna’ Poll so we can send a record of people’s opinions to the council and major supermarkets.

Many thanks – The Pontcanna Pine Team

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