Press release about 12/01 meeting & Pontcanna Pine/Dairy Campaign

Here’s the press release about the meeting on 12/01 at 7.30pm in St Catherine’s Church Hall on Kings Road, the website and our twitter account – in .word and .pdf format – please share as much as possible. Thank you.


Developer’s rely on ‘Protester’s fatigue’ which is where people respond to a campaign
the first time round, then the second time are more complacent. We had an amazing response the first time round with 2000+ petition signatures and 100+ letters, it is just
as important that we make our voices heard this time.

So please share the press release, come to the meeting and write a letter to the council,
your MP/AM/Anyone appropriate or our website – so there is a record of how we really feel about more traffic, more congestion and less parking and places to enjoy simply walking around. Please copy us on where information appears so we can share with everyone.

When this campaign deadline passes we will focus on getting the rest of the site up-to-date on the other developments and applications. Please do send in any updates
you might have.

Many thanks for all your support and help so far – it has been inspiring.

The Pontcanna Pine team

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