12/01/12 Meeting Poster & List of Issues

Posters for our meeting on 12/01 are going up around Pontcanna today, please share the date and try to attend if you can. It is at 7.30pm in St Catherine’s Church Hall, Kings Road – to download the poster please click here Meeting Poster (2) A4 – thank you.

3 thoughts on “12/01/12 Meeting Poster & List of Issues

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  2. The delivery trucks could also park on Severn Grove. It would make it easier to remove the footpath from Kings Rd to allow space for a turning circle.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark, sorry not clear what you are suggesting? The developer is using the space in that’s currently in front of Pontcanna Pine for bins etc. We can barely keep traffic moving on Severn Grove in that area at the moment (see photos in gallery) not sure where a turning circle could fit? Please clarify – many thanks.

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