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8 thoughts on “How to contact us:

  1. A great site and a brilliant central source to collate information and knowledge. Many thanks to all those who have set this up and your time and effort really shows.

    Special thanks for making the information more accessible for everyone. Having online access to the detailed planning applications and parking surveys makes it much easier for us all to make informed opinions and decisions about the issues.

    Looking forward to the discussions this Thurs at the meeting.

    Suzi Hunt @ Flowers with a Twist

  2. I wish you every success. Sainsburys have built a new shop right next to rumney local shops on Newport road on the site of the old carpenters arms coaching inn.
    Tesco are now in Wellfield road as well as Albany road. There are no local butchers or grocery shops there now, all the character has disappeared. Good luck and keep fighting.

  3. Traffic test….Sincere apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced on Thurs 19/1 around 10am by a large articulated lorry on junction of Severn Grove & King’s Rd. This was to provide photographic evidence to the Council of what a nightmare it would be for delivery lorries taking this route.

    As discussed and agreed at residents’ meeting on Jan 12th, one of the flower suppliers to Flowers with a Twist kindly agreed to help us with this campaign by driving his large articulated lorry along the proposed delivery route so that we could get appropriate photographic evidence of the problem.

    Statement from the driver: “Despite 25 years experience as a driver throughout Europe, I would never (normally) use this route as it’s too narrow and the traffic is too heavy.” He also stated that” if any vehicles were parked in the left hand residents’ bays on Severn Grove, just before the junction with King’s Rd, it is impossible for an articulated lorry to make the right hand turn, without hitting the vehicles parked on the left. This is because articulated lorries have a pivoting rear axle that will swing out to the left, the moment the vehicles starts to turn right. So for an articulated lorry to make this turn, the rear wing of the lorry has to swing out to the left (i.e. over the lines into the residents bay (on the left side)) and therefore would hit any vehciles parked there.”

    The resultant photos and statement from the driver will be submitted to the Council as part of the objections to the supermarket development.

    Special thanks to John Nord (the Lorry driver) plus also to Flip, Fran and the team at Meads Letting who help us capture the difficulties and also helped ensure that no one’s vehicles were put at risk during this tricky maneouvre.

    • Thanks for running the trial Suzi, seeing the lorry trying to turn the corner really illustrated the impact regular large deliveries would have on the streets. Do you have the name of the company?

      • Thanks Suzi for arranging this and John for having the coolness to go through with it! Surely they will have to see how nonsensical this proposal is now! Can we have some photos to post on Facebook?
        Flip/Simon – did you get any photos from upstairs? The ones already in the gallery speak volumes. A photo from this perspective of
        the articulated lorry would make a very powerful impact. Would it help if more of us sent the photos to the council?

      • Anytime, just happy to be able to help show the Council how silly this is. Hopefully even they can see from the photos how crazy this is.

        The company is Andrew’s Special Flowers (ASF) and the specific driver is John Nord.

  4. Deadline 25 Feb for objections to planning permission to proposed 3 storey (on top of 4 storey) to rear of 31 Cathedral Road – would tower over houses in Ryder St. and compromise their privacy

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